We’re always moved by the touching words of gratitude we’ve received from families we’ve helped over the years.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting me at this time of need. I have had to continue working for the entire year of treatment and now that I am finished, but it has been difficult, and I know others who need to work and have FORGONE treatment due to this. Your understanding of these needs is a great act of kindness. Thank you so much.

S. Sullivan

We want to thank you very much for your help it was greatly appreciated.

M. & A. Almeida

We appreciate the assistance it was very helpful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

T. Ferguson

My husband and I would like to take this moment to express our sincere and deepest appreciation for your generous gift to help us during these difficult times. Words cannot begin to express how much your generous gift has enabled us to pay off our medical bills. Your foundation is a true blessing to our family again, thank you so much for your assistance.

E. & C. Gerrior

I just can’t thank you enough for helping me in this hard time for me. But I am grateful for special people like yourselves.

M. Dias

It’s nice to know that there are nice people doing nice things for others. Thank you so much for your assistance.

B. & B. Eddy

I would like to take a moment to thank the foundation and all of its members properly.

Yesterday I was asked to speak at the golf tournament and my nerves took over and I wasn’t able to speak intelligently or to express how grateful I am for the help that was given to me and my family at a very hard time in our fight against this terrible disease. I was out of work for several weeks and really had no idea how any of the bills would get paid and I cannot thank you enough for generous donation at that time which was such a tremendous help in so many ways. It eased so much of the financial stress that I was going through so that I could focus on my health instead. You are a wonderful group of caring people and people like all of you are what help people like myself going through hard times keep going in a forward and positive direction.

I wish I could have said more yesterday when I was standing up in front of all of the golfers who help donate every year to such a wonderful cause and I hope that some of them are able to read this and continue to help as much as possible for years to come.

Again, from the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Special thanks to my long time friend Nellie Ponte you are such an awesome positive upbeat person. I wish I could spend more time with you. I smiled all day just seeing how great you are with people and how much everyone loves you…..


Words can’t express how thankful my boys and I are for you generous donation. It will most definitely ease the burden and worry of paying the mortgage and other house hold expenses at this time.


I can not thank you enough for your help. On the day we received your letter, we were told the cancer has spread, and it is stage 4. I will be starting chemo tomorrow 5/7/12. My wife has not been able to work her second job to care for me, this will greatly help us, with the cancer being so rare they will re-scan in two months to see if it is working. I am so touched by your generosity. Thank you very much.


Our family would like to thank the David Affonso Memorial Foundation for their generosity. Your gift comes at a time of great need in our family. Our thoughts and prayers are also with you and you will be forever in my heart. Thank you very much.


Thank you so much to the David M. Affonso Memorial Foundation for thinking of me in my time of need.


I searched for the right thank you card that would express my deepest gratitude for your generosity, but there wasn’t one. I bought a blank card and will have to try my best to tell you how thankful we are. I was overwhelmed when I saw the check amount. I know you understand the expenses that are incurred by the patient that are not covered by insurance. Your contribution will help us to cover our current cost for John’s treatment and help us to “rest a little easier” when the bills arrive. We appreciate the support and prayer. If cancer has taught us anything it’s to count our daily blessings. Thanks for being one of them.

Terry and John

Thanks so very much for the most generous gift you have given to us all.  The help this will give us towards all of the remaining bills is so wonderful.  Your kindness will be remembered forever.

Ron and Elaine

You are kind and generous people who can brighten up the day bringing much joy to others with your kind and thoughtful ways. You are a blessing to us. God is good! This is going to help tremendously with the medical bills. God Bless all of you in your endeavor to help others.

The Rogers Family

I thank God from the bottom of my heart every day for life and for the help you gave me. Thanks and God bless this beautiful foundation!!!


My wife and I can’t find words enough to thank both of you and your memorial foundation for it’s kind generosity. We know it must be a lot of work and time collecting all that money and to have it donated to us was an over whelming surprise.

Micaela and Jeffrey